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Water and oil do not mix

Here is the good old pattern, adult and mainstream do not have RESPECT for each one.I can’t understand why allows UNDERAGED spectators being exposed to this kind of adult content(yes,its vanilla from an adult point of view but its not for a minor).

The problem is always the same, adult industry tries to permeate mainstream media using all kind of tricks(promoting OnlyFans using for one).The thing will go like always, play hypocrisy until the end of the days instead trying to be reasonable and find a middle point where everyone is happy about.

So we have a paradox, while adult sites(streaming and adult industry in general) bans minors from their content, for whatever reason some may think it’s ok doing the opposite and not getting banned.

Getting into mainstream where minors are watching and promote their ADULT CONTENT,is NOT ACCEPTABLE ,unless for those who benefit from ad revenues.

The GAP between adult world and mainstream can only be covered by being an ADULT who sees value on the content offered.

I for one, see value on adult streaming sites usage from an emotional intelligence training point of view ,sociability needs due isolation or any other personal circunstances.

This kind of permissive behaviours are extremely dangerous and are not good for anyone.

So let’s be reasonable and try to explain the good and the value of adult industry on a real context among adults.

“Morality is what the queen expects from the hive, not from herself.”

Marty Rubin

Water and oil don’t mix, no matter the amount of gaslighting.

It’s a fact.

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