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Twitter is not transparent

Twitter shadowban is real

After publishing the last blog entrance about platform manipulation in twitter things started to act weird in there.

I’m currently researching social media, adult streamer and emotional intelligence and i found twitter the optimal tool for that.

So i started “The Aquarium Project” and see what it feels doing Adult social media but without nudity,hyper sexualization in a mainstream approach.

I’m well aware of twitter rules, studied them and even encouraged others several times in my twitter @AdultWorldBlog to respect platform rules and the benefits.

I read the metrics of that account each day so i can adapt and measure social media reactions to my point of view about how linked is Emotional Intelligence and Camming.

How users may use what adult streamers provide to improve their emotional intelligence or even start to learn how to express emotions to strangers in an anonymous way.

Obscure twitter gaslighting

A normal user would not even notice the progressive shadow ban, at first was a search suggestion ban , followed by a search ban ending in a reply deboot.

Let me point the search ban just a day just after activating the search notification with platform manipulation searches(500 retweets in less than a day for one).

Lack of communication

At first i tought it was an algorithm error so i tried to contact support.

Not possible, their help page is not clear where to contact support if you are not suspended or locked.

Shadow ban is a way to suspend accounts without the average owner even noticing and you can’t ask even WHY.

Dangerous for self expression

I encourage anyone to check the feed and the replies page specially to notice any kind of spam over time or user harrassement.

Twitter just decide you can’t express yourself in their platform and silence you, so you end talking alone meanwhile they control what goes in or out.

What is the REAL porpouse of the feed?

The feed goal is to advice how adult streamers may market their services without platform manipulation and without hyper sexualization.

To show them what works and what doesn’t work.

I do interact in there with adult streamers i feel confident enough they won’t emotional abuse users.

I try to bring a safe environment together in that feed, with scene info sources, streamers and some memes here and there.

What twitter may think it is

Twitter may think im a platform manipulator (i don’t even have retweets or likes, max 5 in a MONTH)

I don’t know what is wrong with social needs being covered by adult streamers, as i said a hundred times in that feed.

There are people with disabilities or lack of time that NEED to comunicate and BOUND to other human beings.

I just can’t understand what is wrong with Twitter Infosec at all, i did not even get a warning…cero…nada.

Once i replied to @ElonMusk feed about agreeing with him about twitter bots and to my dismay my reply was deboosted live.

Deboosted means hidden.

What now?

Now im going to keep posting but in here, because there is no point of using twitter when im de facto muted without even a reason and CERO platform manipulation.

So i will keep posting in this blog until twitter fixes the error (human or not) because if my account get shadow banned i can guarantee ANYONE can be gaslighted and muted.

I encourage you to check the feed(i never posted nudity or explicit), i have it flagged as sensitive yet i had the worst punishment besides suspension.

Check the last blog post

And now check

Seems i wasn’t wrong, but let me tell you.

It’s just the tip of the iceberg ,seems they focus on accounts like mine instead the ones they need to.

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