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Twitter behavioural algorithm is biased

And it’s dangerous…
Twitter not found page message

First let me point im a software engineer since 15 years ago, i do not have a degree in psychology but i’m naturally skilled and experienced plus some training here and there made me apply psychology from UI design to secure coding and many more fields related in my industry.(Social engineering for one)

Let’s talk about behavioural “algos”

Behavioural “algos” try to mix psychology and metrics to show a result, think like spotify or netflix suggestions.

Those algos are susceptible to BIASES and they rely into “signals” to put the person behind a screen into a “box”.

Seems to me QFD has been re-enabled due Elon’s purchase to get rid of twitter bots and it’s censoring a lot of people without human control.

And now lets talk about twitter “algo” signals

I’m interested in adult streaming, because i find it an usefull tool for COMMUNICATION needs, emotional training and so on.

So the first thing i came up is to try to show a different way to make social media, providing value and being respectful with human needs.

So i followed adult accounts and baned bots non stop for years (i have 6k bans and every single of them were bots)

What common sense says?

I enforced non platform manipulation on myself, even if i have friends that would like to retweet i said no.

My feed is filled with anti platform manipulation messages, im proud of my project even if it’s not easy to understand is NOT PORN.

I tried to show you don’t need platform manipulation because it affects TRUST and human relationships must be based on trust in my book.

Pains me “misinfoProfessionals judging the algo so lighty and being biased.

Happens the misinformed one may be the judge itself.

Hey Jordan

I’m human and i have many things to say but the algo you are praising is limiting myself expression.

You will never hear me and keep thinking everyone is a troll, because misinfo blue checked experts are even being biased by algo bubbles.

Verification makes no sense.

Lets review the process

I selected “other” because it’s not “entertainment” disabled people interacting online for one.

I may be a content creator because i try to give value and explain why.

And the result is:

That means if you ain’t followed(maybe disabled people or lonely people want to remain anonymous?) Or you don’t have mentions (same) you can’t be a real person.

But happens if you DO platform manipulation and achieve those numbers required you may be a blue check.

Twitter page says:

Instead getting verfied i got shadowbaned.,Privacy%20%3E%20Account%20%3E%20Verification%20request.

The problem is you must have followers but my audience are shadowreaders and i need open minded people to support my account.

Because for me and others in need is really important to have a voice, i won’t leave the ones who can’t have a “hey just get out and have fun” or “enjoy your family” alone.

Not everyone can have that, for some it’s a luxury and they have to hide their needs.

Because they are HUMANS and they want to have iteraction in a safe environment.

The Blue Check mark dosen’t make you a better human than someone who is shadowbaned.

I’m scared of those misinfo experts lacking the minimal Emotional Intelligence and empathy.

Not talking about Jordan, im talking about those who designed and consented these kind of mechanisms.

Im talking about Twitter Infosec lack of empathy when designing algos.

If you mute me you are letting the wolves in.

I don’t want clout, i don’t make money with this on the contrary i pay the expenses myself because i want a safe place for adult social iteraction or at least the safest possible.

You can’t DENY human social needs.

The signals from my twitter account

Twitter “algo” saw an account with few followers, following other accounts that may do platform manipulation and just extended the punishment to my feed.

I got yesterday the reply deboost the moment i engaged with a blue checked account asking for a marketing tip.(i was not following that account)

I NEVER replied outside the ones im following until that day, the algo marked me as trying to funnel traffic to my own feed!

The algo don’t even check my feed, it just reads the short term signals and ban away.

I’m not saying it is intentional, but it’s irresponsible to have such autonomous mechanisms in place without human control.

Once you are banned the same mechanism denies you any chance of communication.

You may be being overconfident about your “algo” but it’s too dangerous be judge and part without appealing way or explanation to fix what is wrong.

Tell me from the twitter FAQ what rule did i broke?

Now lets talk about marketing, brands and signals in a biased algo.

So you were “signaled” as a fake account and there are no “hey this guy is real” signal neither direct support contact or at least no one can guarantee that “Hey this guy is real” signal works.

I think everyone may think that’s an assumible collateral damage when thinking about personal feeds.

But let me point personal feeds read and engage with brands, brands have an audience.

What happens if the algo bans sistematically a whole audience?

Look, i been following a brand of adult toys for disabled people.

I can tell you that feed is dead,but not due lack of REAL demand.

But because the algo just shadowbaned their audience.

So brands aware of this must deceive the algo instead being authentic.

The ones advertising as “Electrodomestics” get more reach than those being authentic and advertising as SEXUAL TOYS FOR DISABLED PEOPLE.

Say that again and don’t be ashamed. SEXUAL TOYS FOR DISABLED PEOPLE

Who is the responsible for those brands losing their income? WHO?

Who is the responsible for those customers not accessing their providers to satisfy their needs? WHO?

Who knows how many brands are being killed by the same algo that deemed my account a BOT.

I do follow (and personally like) SparkToro marketing brand, they talk about audiences.

Now imagine this twitter algo and the audience concept, well you got no audience!

Because twitter algo only likes ONE kind of “Box” and audience means “Many” boxes.

How about losing learning oportunities in twitter?

How about that guys? twitter may be an inmense source of info yet you are silencing actively POV’s (legal ones).

The iteraction, the conversation it may provide is what makes it different from web pages.

Twitter is censoring full communities

Due this algoritmical behaviour full interconnected communities (as every community is…) are getting punished by members misbehaviours.


Guess what? Crypto communities are similar to adult communities too, same behaviours.

And the algo is acting as a gaslighter! , it just mutes you and thats it!

This is a monstruosity and do not respect different communities engaging into conversation.

The algo just want everyone fixed to their communities, you can’t be like me.

Following just a few psychologists and adult social media because i like things small.

Why a reply deboost? when im engaging with someone i don’t know asking a question?!

Is not that the main point of any social platform?

About algo biases

Did you ever considered twitter algorithm may be acting as a …let’s say narcissistic personality?

yes i’m not kidding, you may be dealing with one but automated, the damage it may cause is inmense and my own “signals” tell me it’s not a crazy idea.

Passive agression(shadowban) and gaslighting(denying facts) are common traits.

Btw, what keyword search? what SEO? Profile keyword search to identify audiences?

if your audience is muted there are no trully reliable keywords.

Oh and what about social studies about online behaviours? how they get reliable data?

Twitter is just to promote BLUE CHECKS

Yes, a Blue check can engage in different “account profiles” and seems they are the only ones getting visibility.

Thing is, many of them just spam pretty quotes and bought their followers and mentions but they are supposed to be twitter’s most valued users…

So tell us…

How are we going to promote healthy communication among opposite point of views if you deny a side visibility?

You can’t learn to communicate properly neither empathy if you always talk with the ones that do agree with you.

This is so wrong!

Where is constructive criticism? what is the platform doing is worst than doing nothing.

I welcome ANYONE 18+ to audit my feed and tell me.

Do it have platform manipulation? am i a spammer? or someone conflictive? why so?

And if it’s a crime to just chill in a feed with your “tribe” explaining new perspectives, because you can TALK too is not just instant gratification.

You can bond, everyone is an HUMAN and not a CHAIR so why silencing me?

if you ever got a prime example of how biased and toxic twitter actually is…that is my own feed.

Remember you get silenced without even being explained why and with no appeal.

It’s a gaslighting behaviour and it’s toxic.

Shadow ban is even worst than being suspended or locked and i will tell you why

Poor judgement by twitter.

Shadowbaned accounts are like being locked but without any way to appeal.

But if your account is locked or suspended you can appeal and get someone to review the feed.

Is this reasonable?

i never tought i would ask about this but…

I need followers non related to adult to try to take off the algo from my account or the hole project may die.

I can’t use twitter for a time or the algo may even suspend the account.

I never tought having few followers from a niche would deem me a bot, i tought twitter saw the feeds.

Understand adult audience is exclusive because people are ashamed,mocked and much more. So they isolate and form a pack.

I have many people reading the feed but not engaging because it’s common sense not many want to be related to a feed that talks about adult from a mainstream perspective.

But yet they find the content interesting.

Look at the irony of asking for followers to make the “algo” to chill and let me continue with my own beliefs about human online iteraction benefits.

So Thank you.

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