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Trust is underrated

Even if you get cheated on, is good.

Actual society expects “the clever guy” to doubt until proven wrong,then they trust.

That’s just the opposite way to benefit from trust even in a collaborative work environment.After all, if someone proves their worth all the time and lost opportunities are lost.

That’s a common practice in toxic leadership,those leaders don’t trust anyone until proven otherwise,but even in that situation it may come late because the team feels is not valued to do the job they were assigned or just turn into a huge amount of wasted resources and time for everyone.

Here is an interesting article about trust and leadership.

Forbes trust article

The key is to trust and to expect nothing when the costs of being lied are reasonable.I don’t trust jumping from a 10th floor without a parachute even if I never jumped from that high.

So emotionally speaking, the more resilient you are,the more you can afford being proved wrong when you trust someone.

And in the end,what doesn’t kills you makes you stronger right? after all is

I trust almost everyone on online relationships until proven wrong.

The benefit is you may discover appearances may be deceiving and learn things from someone others wouldn’t even give a chance and not losing time doubting or falling into gaslighting.

Yes,you get better at interpreting behavioural patterns and the time of being proved wrong when trusting someone will shorten too.

You will get really good at that and your empathy will develop in the process.

Another interesting trust article

You can’t be good at catching lies if you don’t get exposed right? practice makes perfection.

And incompetent manager will always fail at delegating responsibilities because instead focusing on their duties they focus on making sure they weren’t cheated.

So you have a manager bottlenecking the hole department and not doing their job.

Trust is not a weakness.

As soon as you trust yourself, you will know how to live.

-Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Trust is underrated,but not for everyone.

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