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The best SEO is the Google CEO

And that’s it.

With that being said, i humbly start this blog like an old school blogger.

I will focus on my personal opinions and content and just forget about prioritizing SEO and algorithms.

After all ,algorithms are intented to reward good practices and intended usage of a tool and rules will change overtime.

I don’t have a clue if this blog will grow or not, neither do i care.

What i care is writing about “my things” and that makes me feel great,that’s all that matters to me.

With all respect , being a SEO analyst is like being a crypto analyst , you don’t have control over the tool context but you have control over your CONTENT.

But if you are a blog theory-crafter i will post the audit from a google tool so you may judge in time if it’s SEO or content what makes or breaks this blog.

“Scratch any cynic and you will find a disappointed idealist”

George Carlin

Everyone wants to sell their craft, SEO’s,marketeers,adult media yet almost everyone forgets about the tool and the reason the tool was created for.

I would like to tell those marketeers: “Hey, see! , content is king and not your hashtag spam”.

With just basic FREE tools, four hours reading forums and tons of love i want to prove that what matters in the end is what is inside the parcel(content) and not the wrapping(SEO).

Google speed test for desktop results

Yes SEO is good, but you can score a high SEO just using FREE tools and common sense no need to spend 90% of your time thinking about SEO and 10% thinking about your content.

That’s a mistake,in fact you should do the opposite.

So if you are starting a blog or thinking about starting one take it like a hobby but with a goal.

My goal is simple:

Serve as a real-time example to those who want to write about things they like or are qualified to write about.

I don’t even have a fixed theme for this blog, i will just write about anything i feel worth to write about.(for one will be adult social media, what a Hypersexualized joke).

Let the markeeters inquisitors droll about it, they may be right.

Who knows…

What i know is that i will have fun writing and i expect nothing.

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