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The beauty and the beast in online adult sites.

Dreams are just dreams if you can not make them reality.

When you stop dreaming you don’t have goals

I wish the online adult industry may give proper treatment to the need of social online relationships. Not everything must be explicit and a “you get what you see” scheme, that concept is opposite to a adult social one.

There is a latent demand for bounds , a more social aspect of human interaction.

People may not seek a friend but an online friendly stranger to interact with.

There is no shame in resorting to adult online to satisfy your social needs.

You may be perfectly healthy yet unable to socialize in real life for a million reasons.

This social way of adult online consumption is partially or totally underrated and taken as a gimmick.

Social interaction is healthy but can be dangerous too. When emotions and human relationships are involved is not a show anymore.

The framework and context when personal relationships are made must be safe for everyone.

When someone seeks to socialize online , may be seeking comfort, a confident, a listener or just human interaction and understanding.

That person may be susceptible to emotional manipulation or just be in a unstable emotional state.

Specific training is a must

Sites must train their workers to be listeners, to know how to handle the complexity of human interactions properly in a healthy way and beneficial for both.

The users use those services to enjoy and not to add worries to their lives and the workers to earn a salary and recognition.

The social aspect requires formation and a proper skill set , the adult worker is not a therapist but can’t be anyone neither.

There must be some kind of certificate system to ensure healthy practices and quality.

So the user may recognize who is qualified for the expected service.

Nowadays is just trial and error, everything is too heterogeneous there are no guidelines and social users fly blind, may get frustrated and leave the market.

Mainstream dating sites even try to match psychological profiles, they are light years ahead adult industry in online relationships services.

Users are not to demand anything.

There must be a user filter in place too. Not everyone can access and act like animals with workers. It’s not a free for all and workers are not objects but human beings too.

Workers must be qualified and dignified.

Sites must safeguard their workers from users toxic behaviours.

The site MUST place the formation , the tools and the appropriate marketing image of what they are offering.

Its not acceptable to promote a supposedly relationship service like selling something physical and vulgar to be ashamed of.

You can’t sell a behaviour based on appearances.

Non social adult niches are perfectly defined on social media , but social ones are totally generic and devoid of personality. The social media for social profiles instead being “the girl next door style” are anything but realistic and even lack good taste.

Seems to me adult industry needs to put more effort into projecting a more real and human image.

Quality and not quantity.

“I believe in quality over quantity.”

Urvashi Rautela

And this goes for workers and users at a site level. The required formation may limit the worker force but social members don’t rotate by definition.

Social members are not leftovers. Don’t catalogue them as bride seekers and get the profile right.

In fact social users are forced to seek among the scraps (social media, freechats, free emails, basically free communication) that may point them to the right direction.

Social users pay a heafy toll because they are long term dependants of the bonds with their choosen online relationships personas.

They are not freeloaders but users that may pay in advance for something that may not happen ever. So they depend on free communication channels to get at least an idea.

To Monetize every single communication channel is a mistake.

Social user handling is an investment and not a direct earn.

Likewise a social user needs to know about the worker personality opposite to the “show” user that gets directly what he/she sees.

Without those free channels an adult social user can’t see what he/she gets. This is one reason adult marketing destroy social users ability to search for suitable online workers.

Yet that marketing works for those not interested in social interaction.

Adult industry tends to mix non sociable profiles with social ones yet they are totally incompatible.

Sites must not be a gladiator pit.

  • Moderate users.
  • Ensure good behavioural practices.
  • Proper training.
  • Keep workers motivated.
  • Proper marketing training.
  • Define a social standard easily recognisable for the consumer experience.
  • An user satisfaction communication channel.

Everything goes do not cut it.

The image may be “next door” but trained properly to handle rich conversations and empathetic. A qualified profile that may handle with kindness people with emotional needs instead exploiting them for selfish gains without taking in account the damage it may cause.

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