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Society lack core values and it’s way judgemental.

Everyone is a little crazy

Empathy is an unicorn.

Alas empathetic people are really hard to come by , at least everyone can be authentic.

Authenticity,not an imaginary metric.

Values are standards, while some people set their values to nothing with the sole propouse to climbing to the top of this society at all costs.

But with values or not what matters is a starting point and later the values will come.

For now let’s skip the values and just focus in the “value”.

That value is company and support to those isolated living alone.

Everyone knows people living alone isolated for a full year, anxiety in the middle of the night and they got social and emotional support on demand.

So even in a transactional context that’s a normal thing.

It’s a business afterall.

No money,no 🍯

Paying to get value is what we do everyday with any other sector.

In this blog some articles will be open trashing certain adult industry practices yet others are to be praised.

There is a hole world of value beyond porn.

Happends adult industry is unable to see their methods are just for that…

Selling porn or die trying.

They fight like dogs for an oversaturated market yet overlooking others that are being demanded by consumers.

But hey, adult industry is one of the worst hearing consumer needs or trying to be original.

They must be afraid of being struck by a thunder if they try to be more human and less “meaty”.

Time to see new possibilities.

Pure emotional support,just talking to a stranger if you are in any special situation where you are denied of social needs.

And that’s it.

But it’s hard to explain

See,i wrote 5k tweets trying to explain the emotional value beyond Pavlov in adult industry.

Devoted my whole twitter feed to that niche.

More than three years breaking the ice and trying to explain things.

Some adult workers tried to understand it,but only a handful really understood it.

They understand emotional support for a GFE experience.

A GFE experience is what they call for someone roleplaying like they were your sentimental partner.

When they don’t want or can’t understand what is emotional support they just resort to a GFE experience.

It’s pretty funny,but at least that’s better than the meat approach.

Thats why I made the twitter,to explain that.

Thats why I made this blog…to keep explaining but extensively.

And i don’t advice anyone with sentimental needs to use adult online services.Thats not wise,too many heartless people that feed on that.

Sturdy boundaries are needed

It’s a safer approach just than a social one if you have sentimental needs and cero boundary control.

Takes a lot of mental and emotional strength dealing with social approachs nowadays in that industry.

Not telling anyone what to do or playing an affiliate rol here.

This is not a simp memorandum… Don’t step into those quicksands.

Don’t step into quicksands…

But a step at a time, a more human and social approach is possible but as of today adult industry needs to understand then adapt so does mainstream.

As a side note think the ammount of emotional intelligence someone develops dealing with strangers 8H/365 and what you can learn from them.


Emotional intelligence can be used in a prosocial (what people associate with positivity) or in a non prosocial way(what people associate with the fabled dark triad)

There is good and bad.

But you grow exposed to bad experiences too.

Everyone must have their own criteria based on their information and context.

To be understood,not to convince anyone.

Even the most toxic behaviours must be understood if you consider yourself empathetic ,but being understood doesn’t imply being supported.

There is a difference between being understood and being supported.

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