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Seasonal events in adult industry matter.

Online iteraction as a solitude relief tool.

Halloween seasonal contest in adult industry
Seasonal events in adult industry matter, like Halloween

Forced loneliness, solitude kills more people each year than obesity.


When someone can’t be social due their own live restrictions, be it a illness, relative needs or whatever reason that makes that solitude forced and not a freewill choice, that person is at risk.

Not many take into account that solitude must be imposed because someone must take care of their old relatives at home 24h. and can’t be social.

Or if they are social they always keep an eye on the phone or feel guilty for going out and socializing.

I don’t want to sugar coat adult industry reality, but i do believe it’s a tool to fight that modern disease.

The more communicated this society is, the more isolated we feel.

When people die alone and no one notices until several weeks after you may ask yourself what is happening.

Solitude must be countered by the ones suffering from it, the chances someone will come and take you from that disease are dim.

One option is online iteraction but keeping in mind boundaries and having reality sense.

One of the myths for the adult industry iteraction is that everything is sex related, well that’s not true.

Sexual iteraction the core , but you have several layers too.

One of those is being social, you can actively talk and develop some kind of relationship with an adult worker online can be just like chatting with a friendly person (not friend).

Depends on the users choice, they offer an ample array of iteractions way beyond the adult core.

Flirt4Free is an adult online site

The worst option is not doing anything

Some seasonal events are more important than others, christmas one is the most important of them all.

Christmas for people feeling alone is like gasoline and i can tell you a real experience i had about that.

I have spent Christmas 2020 alone due covid restrictions and quarentine, they can’t manage any online tool to make even a videocall so figure how is that for someone with that permanent reality.

It was a special situation but for some is a daily one, so think about it.

So i turned my twitter into #AdultWorldBlog

As a tool to make visible the “social ” user perspective.

The core to me is to fight solitude and to normalize using those tools, there is no shame in that, you can only TALK with models online if that’s all you wish.

The shame is to feel alone and do nothing about it.

I made a little community in my microblogging feed(twitter) with the idea in mind to provide some visibility and try to be educational towards users and workers.

We are all humans, adult industry workers deal with some weird people and may have a bad day.

Then we got good users may iteract with someone who doesn’t care about anything too.

But that feed is a good start , they are receptive but keep in mind they are in a business, but the fight is to find an equilibrium between offer and demand in a healthy context.

I may appear more superficial in my twitter feed than im actually are, but different audiences and tools demand different approaches to connect.

Don’t judge, be open-minded

Not everything is what it seems at first sight, i don’t benefit from them or from the users.

I do it because i really believe in the balm of healthy social online iteractions with boundaries.

I try to educate in the way i see things work, i may be right or not.

Not due the models or sites.

But because of lonely people that may strumble upon the feed or this blog and may benefit from that iteraction.

Sites and models who understand that human need and respect it are appreciated , but the main goal are the users and everything in between that make that happen.

So…enjoy Adult Halloween.

Imlive Halloween ad, source twitter

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