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Sally-Anne task in an online adult enviroment

It’s what it is…? I hope not!

Simon Baron-Cohen Sally-Anne Task
Sally-Anne task

In fact experience tells me that even if Anne already knew Sally would figure the ball has been moved the moment she gets into the room…Anne would do it anyways!

Why? this is a pattern that repeats in time.

Even if Anne benefits from Sally online social interaction as it is.She tries to squeeze more even knowing it will dry and eventually lose everything with Sally.

Don’t change what’s working

So this is Sally leaving a ball inside a box before leaving the room where Anne is.When Sally is gone Anne takes the ball and puts it where she pleases,then when Sally returns she can’t find the ball in the basket.

This is exactly what may happen on online adult social interaction.

Sally want something then Anne completly ignores Sally and just do her thing, the one that’s more convenient to her ,obiously.

What Anne may not figured is that Sally may already expected that from Anne,so Sally just moves away and Anne get’s infuriated because she can’t have what she wanted to.

  • Is it due Anne ego?
  • Is because “online” personas are highly unstable due marketing goals?
Epictetus quote

Repeat this situation over and over again then i can guarantee you may feel that quote resonating inside yourself.

Why this kind of online contexts have that high rate of behavioural changes?

I just can’t understand if something barks like a dog, smells like a dog and acts like a dog is not considered a dog…well maybe It’s a dog ,afterwards you may see if it’s a disguised pony,it’s just Occam’s razor .

The social aspect in this kind of enviroment is extremly volatile and unreliable.

But it’s unreliable because expectations from one of the sides suddenly mutate,due ego and emotional manipulation.

The thing is no matter how much you try to explain things when there is no one listening there is no point.

It’s just a cognitive bias

Cognitive biases

The theorical value exists

On paper adult social can be usefull,but it’s just on paper because there is a plethora of things that can go wrong.

Even experienced social users fail over and over due behavioural changes dictated by different “scripts”.

On a side note, there are big gains on the emotional side due Anne kind of behaviours if you are able to adapt.I wasn’t successful delivering the message “If you touch my ball it’s ok, but it’s over then” message at all.

That ball is called boundaries in an online adult social context.

Lack of boundaries invites the lack of respect


Idealists have that inner fire that keeps them improving and fighting for things they consider worthy.

It just can’t be helped, I believe on a more social and respectful way of doing things.

If everyone does the same maybe there is value doing something different right?

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