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Reach without visible metrics in Twitter is possible.

Even with a sensitive adult content account(non explicit)

Buying followers

No, you don’t need to buy followers or visible metrics(likes,retweets,replies) to have a successful reach in twitter.

I will post my entire account @adultworldblog metrics of a full year of posting.

To me is not work i do it for curiosity, i don’t profit from this.

I do believe adult streamers have social value and that’s the main theme of my twitter feed.

It’s hard to tweet and keep going without visible engagement.But i know my audience and came to the conclusion adult social media are mostly shadowreaders.

And that makes sense since no one wants their accounts mixed with adult (family,friends and so on…).

Adult needs privacy so the way to be social is to act as a proxy provinding value and experience.With values and integrity because it’s a sensitive theme.

I don’t like dehumanization neither the actual adult marketing direction as the only option availiable.I do like adult streamers pictured from a more human perspective so i try to approach that way.

Sometimes with more success than others…but it’s a learning experience.

The nature of the feed is basically non existant engagement and supporting brands that share an ethical business value

Here is the raw data

Data interpretation

584.100 impressions 4,8% Engagement
704.600 impressions 2,5% Engagement
382.200 impressions 6,7 % Engagement
333.333 impressions 6,6 % Engagement

715.533 impressions with >6% engagement ratio (6 months)

Take into consideration the monthly mentions are really low, so the only explanation for those numbers taking into account quantitative and qualitative metrics with such a low mention metrics is…shadowreading.

About engagement in twitter:

Twitter engagement rate

So anything 0,5% is a good engagement rate for twitter and above 1% is great.

My follower base in this year was between 300-400 so my engagement rate can’t cover the reach of 2.004.233 just due my follower base.

Is not possible, so that reach comes from non followers that read the feed.

Because i don’t have many retweets neither likes ,no mentions! (unexistant visible metrics as of today).


Size is not important, what matters is integrity and brand awareness/personality.

So if you have a small account keep going, don’t let envy or demotivation to spoil your fun.

Whatever your passion is just do it and do not copy others, BE YOURSELF.

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