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Quality adult sites must act as proxies between agents.

Quality over quantity.

Quality over quantity.

When you consider an environment where people may interact in an intimate and social way…

When someone logs into an adult site to have an evasion…

When someone seeks just human interaction…

Then everything stop being frivolous, we are talking about human emotions and mental health. Some may even use adult online services in a weakened state.

Who takes the money takes the responsibility.

Just pumping traffic is not optimal. Responsible sites should try to set up a secure environment for workers and users.

The mental health of uses and workers should be taken into account with proper measures.

I’m talking about ending once for all any emotional manipulation may occur in that interaction between users and workers.

Is bad for everyone the moment is not a WIN WIN scenario.

Users bring organic growth besides income.

Good in house professional training matters.

As a premium site you are a proxy not just a group of rooms.

Sites must protect the context between agents iterations.

You set the rules for agent iterations, you want both to obtain maximum benefit.

If an agent damages other then the site loses.

On the contrary, if both agents are happy the site benefits.

So the most basic feature a quality and qualified site must have is a proper in house training team.

That way others agents may receive formation following the site guidelines.

Having trainers may enable the adult online site to detect prematurely behaviours not aligned with the site’s guidelines.

Without in house training the site can’t guarantee anything.

But the jungle.

Users and workers are left to the luck traffic brings.And takes one rotten apple to break the continued business in time.

What I’m trying to say here is that a site is not just a collection of rooms.

A site must add more value besides that.

We are humans and iterations may go wrong, not due emotional manipulation but just because poor negotiation skills, poor conversational skills …

It doesn’t matter, that is training too.

More options to keep quality.

  • Several businesses uses in house teams that act as a consumer to evaluate the quality of the service offered.
  • Visibility of the workers at the site should be based in customer satisfaction.
  • Reward workers by service quality and following site guidelines.
  • Providing workers with adecuate formation to enable them to listen, converse and deal with conflict as professionals.
  • Trainers must work for the site.

And no, going two weeks to get formation doesn’t cut it.

Make the environment reasonably secure.

With that I’m not saying they aren’t, but you can’t prove as a site you are reasonably secure if you have CERO measures and controls in place.

Retention is key and that only may happen in a responsible enviroment.

What’s the point of pumping traffic if you can’t retain it?

Sites should work on retention and WIN-WIN scenarios. Be a REAL intermediary or proxy and not just a bridge.

Not only that, if you let alone customers in the jungle they may get “eaten” then not only the site may lose a customer but the whole industry.

Adult online sites may be tempted to direct traffic following earning metrics alone and may be shooting themselves in the feet.

Exposing customers to Emotional Manipulators

Is traffic good? Well not always.

Good valuable workers must be taken into account in the long run, “uncontrolled” workers may achieve nice numbers in short-term then drop because users leave unless traffic keeps the wheel going at the cost of other workers.

In the end, the valuable workers will make more and provide more than the “feral” ones.

And this is completly normal because feral ones only look for their own gains in a competitive enviroment.

Sites must enforce cooperative enviroments instead competitive as an optimal framework.

If you direct traffic blindly or without having into account customer satisfaction you are exposing consumers into a reasonable risk to suffer bad practices that may end expelling those customers from market , not achieving organic growth neither business sustainability.

How are you supposed to give fan features if there are no fans! consumer trust in the brand is everything.

It’s common sense consumers are the ones who sustain everything consuming services, then the workers, not the opposite.

Retention is key

And why affiliates from sites should care?

Affiliates depend for the most part on a long term consumer life cycle. I can almost bet the sites without any kind of control may give the worst earnings.

This is just my guess i have no data, but makes sense.

Online sites being a jungle doesn’t make sense from a consumer and site point of view, it only makes sense from a studio/worker perspective based on maximizing short term earnings.

We are talking about mental health, from workers and users alike. Intimate relationships are a special protected context, must be given proper treatment besides lighting or stream quality.

People who consume adult online services may not be in the best mental health state and need a companion.

Not therapists but other humans willing to listen.

A proper trained and supervised worker by the site trainers is a valuable if not the most important feature an online adult site may have.

Yes, you need traffic but you need retention based on quality too.

Emotional manipulation temptations must be erradicated from Premium sites.

Social users are the most exposed to that poison, due their natural iteraction and needs.

Im not saying to eradicate because users are poor guys, im telling you it hurts everyone not only users.

That enviroment must be controlled to ensure long term earnings

Misunderstandings, fights are NOT emotional manipulation , are normal outcomes from any kind of social iteraction.

You can’t rely on “luck”

Customers when meet a worker in an adult online site seeking social iteraction can’t rely on luck, there must be some kind of safeguard/s , some kind of control or internal auditory/formation to discourage that kind of poison.

Users input may bring some insights and raise some internal flags that may help, so keep that in mind too.

Keep in mind people use this kind of services to have fun and not to earn more anxiety…

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