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Kindness and a white knight bias.

Society need kindness.

The times I heard kindness is a weakness or people mixing kindness and a white knight bias in the same pot.

Like if it was some kind of enfeebling disease,but it’s not.

It’s a strong disease,it spreads among those who are exposed.

For starters if you are a naturally kind person don’t be ashamed and don’t hold back.

In doing so you will dodge one of the worst fates a kind person may have…being late.

“You cannot do kindness too soon, for you never know how soon it will be too late.”

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

There is nothing worse than being prisioners of our own fears.

I find kindness sexy and it represents the balance between confidence and ego.

The kind,the few and the brave.

Takes courage to be kind and more over with strangers, that’s why kind persons are strong.

I picked this article because describes kindness ability to spread even among the most hostile contexts.

I think kindness is human soul manifestation.

When you have a self awareness developed state you are kind naturally.

No matter the context, even on my interactions with adult industry. It’s pretty funny being able to post a poem just after someone posted some obscenity in a models twitter feed

But we get along.

For starters i’m the weirdo not the one posting hormoned teenager comments.

That’s the beauty of human behaviour, respectful diversity.

Kindness From Nikita Gill , I love this author.

There are still versions of you that remember a soft childhood filled with caring for everything that the grown ups around you simply ignored.The baby bird with a broken wing you healed,the thirsty plants you always gave water to the lonely and sad children you befriended.We learn when we are young how to be kind,we are so certain back then that we are here to help each other through sorrow and through sadness too.But when we grow up we forget the magic that lies within each act of kindness, that it has the facility to build true hope the way revolutions do.Kindness was always your superpower.And your gentle heart can still change the world if only you believe you can and truly want to.

Everyone who tried their luck being disrespectful with kindness ends up regretting it.

Some call it karma.

I call it lost opportunity.Kindness ability to lift the spirits is unrivaled and scarce.

Be thankful to have kindness on your side and don’t think a kind person is a naive defensless one.

But where is the gain with being kind? It’s exposing your back!

Expect nothing,then you will never expose your back.

When you really achieve cero expectations then everything else is pure gain.

Kindness rewards are an altruistic behaviour,the more you give the more you receive.

The wellness value is immense.

And white Knight bias is totally different.

A white knight will judge and then expect some reward for their actions.

Apparently is a harmless bias but it’s the door to emotional manipulation.

The good intentions are just a biased judgement and many times the expected reward is unrealistic or even unethical.

They are weak , because they will crumble the moment they don’t get the reward.

It’s not a healthy, it’s just a selfish sugar coated behaviour, it’s not a virtue unlike kindness.

“Do things for people not because of who they are or what they do in return, but because of who you are.”

-Harold S. Kushner
The difference between kindness and a white knight bias.

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