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If someone tells you “It doesn’t exist”

Forrest Gump-Life is like a box of chocolates scene
Life is like a box of chocolates-Forrest Gump

…Then just do it yourself,the heck .

I am not waiting for the mainstream bus to stop by.

Nowadays the majority of blogs or social media is about getting SEO ranking,ad revenues or hashtag spam and no one cares about the content.

The normal flow is making content then setting the extras, but everyone is trying to set the extras and then THE content.

Writing a tweet only to justify the hashtag usage.

Writing a blog to justify your SEO positioning and so on.

Stop thinking in terms of search engine algorithms and why not create useful and original content instead?

Social media just became a joke, ghostwriters are even powering those called “influencers”.

It’s institutionalized.

Ghostwritters are a thing

Then you get ghostwriters working for social marketing agencies who let me say it clear, it’s a scam to impersonate someone else and some even charge a naive customer for it.

OnlyFans ghostwriters making cash

Those social marketing agencies just post hashtags, bots, SEO wet dreams, whaveter it takes to rank higher in whatever social media they are , the content is not a priority neither is customer trust.

I was very vocal about consumer trust on social media and got ignored systematically,want to know why?

Because my opinions didn’t have barely any visibility.

Guess it’s time to make it happen, at least i will try to explain in a respectful way my point of view.

Those social media stars with 1M follower bots that deceive young and not so young people in their popularity, ghostwriters scaming people left and right, i don’t think the situation may change.

But at least know there are some people out there who care about brand trust and authenticity.

I can’t understand why you can set a price for an online interaction and then get it impersonated by someone else,that’s a scam.If you don’t want to answer to your fans then raise your price or don’t do it at all.

But do not scam.

Onlyfans turns a blind eye as every single written medium that is monetizable.

Many Influencers turned into scarecrows due marketing agencies trying to sell their “product” when they should be teaching them how to make worthy content ,instead buying “likes”.

Influencer scarecrow

Not everyone uses a “pay to win” scheme in this online world, some are authentic.

  • If your web lacks content i don’t care about your SEO.
  • If you lack time to reply on social media i don’t want your ghostwriter doing it.
  • If you don’t care about being social online and just see the $ you are not “an influencer”.
  • If you don’t have self and worth opinions you are not “an influencer”.

Everything turned into a big Milli Vanilli scheme, it’s so sad.

When you expose consumers to bullshit,some may become resistant and aware of whats going on.

It’s life, you never know what you’re GONNA GET.

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