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Google Sandbox purgatory is nothing to worry about…

in comparison to adult industry customer satisfaction input.

You won’t see a single explicit image in here, even if the site is flagged as adult.

Algorithms are just filters and Google is no exception.

Be it Netflix or Spotify suggestions ,they never managed to get it right.So this blog will give a run for the money to Google serp too.

Used twitter as a social tool to interact with that industry since forever and guess what? still “sandboxed” in that industry but my twitter feed is pretty shadow readed, oh the irony.

Microblogging is addictive and my twitter feed have CERO sexual content, not even hashtag usage.

Got a little mix of people from different industries in there interacting from time to time(researchers, marketeers,coaches,psychologists, models…and bots!).

Therefore  splitting blogging and microblogging seems the best choice.

The blog is suited to write about curated opinions and twitter is for expontaneous interaction.

Different context for different tools but same goals.

“Be open-minded,respectful,kind and human“.


Besides , online interaction is fascinating, I’ve got my online “gamer” friends and my online “adult” friends(“friend” term usage in a contextual healthy way, boundaries still apply).

Doesn’t matter the industry , everyone works for the HUMAN industry.

In the light of 2020 isolation year there may be value in the online adult industry from a social online perspective.

The problem is that everything is black or white this society is too polarized.

It seems there are no greys and that’s not true.

“We are all somewhere or the other a little grey, not black and white. We have our imperfections.”

Kriti Sanon

Say no to sugar coating reality, pressure anyone or being a “simp”, just personal and neutral opinions,this is the motto.

Equally important to perceive and understand all points of view and being able to voice self-opinions even from sensitive or taboo topics .

Believe it or not being sensitive is considered taboo in certain enviroments, the weak and naive they say… give me a break.

Took me a lot of time and patience to refute that sucessfully and earn some respect using twitter as a vehicle.

As a matter of fact ,blogging is refreshing and more entertaining if you take into account site management besides the ability to write about things you like.

Let’s see how this experiment goes ,it’s worth trying at least.

Always had that little problem with the lack of constructive discussions,it’s not about saving the princesses.

Believe me, some are beyond salvation neither need a saviour.

But i do it for the ones who think alike and i do enjoy posting poetry on adult twitter feeds or maybe im just cyberbulling adult marketeers using poetry.

No matter the reason ,It’s rewarding to be a sensitive person in such a dark world and to sprinkle some diversity over the same boring teenager hypersexualized context.

Besides, who doesn’t like to trash some bullshit here and there and discover unexpected value from things.

“If you are good at something, never do it for free.”


In fact altruism may not be considered “for free”, happends the value you obtain is just inmaterial.

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