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EQ – Emotional Intelligence

What is EQ?

EQ is a measurement of emotional intelligence, you will find tons of self-assesment EQ tests outthere.The most “prestigious” one is EQ-i 2.0 and it’s not free.

So everyone can talk about EQ, but it’s hard to not be biased on self-assesment tests, you need the input from others to round the EQ measurement.

I did my fair share of tests,paid and free.I did every single serious test but it’s always better to get your environment to evaluate you too and take every single reliable test out there to check if the results match.

Some tests results i scored:

EQ-i 2.0:


Sapa project

Psychology today:

If i post all this is because i’m going to talk about emotional intelligence and i like to back up it with some data (even if its just a bunch of self-assesment test scores) just because i see many blogs talking about emotional intelligence but i never seen real tests results posted so i could link the tests to the blog content for one and to earn some trust of readers in the process, showing tests results is just to add credibility to this blog

And this is the beauty of internet iteraction, the ones who interact with you on a daily basis even in an online enviroment can relate this results for the most part,besides your HHRR department.

And the most important part…you know how important is EQ in your daily life for everything.

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