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Emotional knowledge and successful people

Success starts within.

Successful people definition is broad , depends on each success definition an observer may have. Without context that success may be just an illusion.

Is successful someone with money?

What if that person just invested 200 dollars in bitcoin 9 years ago?

Is that being successful or lucky?

What if that person lost the hdd where the crypto was stored?

Then that person passes from successful to failure.

Material success depends on context

Maybe that success is due the failure from others.

True success starts within. That is , when the context is yourself. Emotional knowledge is the core behind any success sustained in time.

But it doesn’t come naturally It’s a learning.

Emotional knowledge and successful people

I didn’t reference in the title emotional intelligence, because emotional intelligence is the skill to navigate emotions. But the emotional knowledge is experiencing feelings that may later be the foundations of emotional intelligence.

It’s common sense to don’t be able to handle an emotion if you never experienced it.Think like an immune system but with emotions.

Bad experiences that trigger negative emotions are part of our learning and growing. Nothing wrong with them.

Bad experiences may turn great later in live.

Bad experiences generate defenses and those defenses comes from your past experiences. You are able to identify the emotion and you know how intense it may be for you. It’s known, so you reach a point you are able to control it.

Emotional Resilience

Blocking or avoiding feelings make us weak. To feel is what makes humans superior. Yet people still believing is the contrary. Successful people are masters of their feelings.

It just comes naturally due their resilience, emotional control earned by their emotional knowledge they see opportunities where others don’t and respond optimally in stressful situations.

They make good decisions.

They may even use bad emotions to their advantage.

Social engineering and emotional intelligence.

You may have formed the workers to use the strongest password but if you are in an IT security department and the worker gives access to a manipulator does it matter how strong is the password?

Emotional intelligence is key to fight social engineering.

Emotional intelligence is great for leadership and a hundred more fields anyone can find in internet searches.

But the best living proof of emotional intelligence is each one of us.

Train it

Emotional intelligence is trained, I personally prefer online interactions because everyone is a stranger and it just comes naturally.

And with online interactions you are always the one who decides to pull the plug.

Adult online or gaming it doesn’t matter. Everyone can access online interactions and learn. At own pace with safety and common sense.

So this is why I consider success to be immaterial and not material. Material things are just a manifestation of the skills learned from your immaterial success.

The how it came to be.

Men can be sensitive, in being so you start keeping in touch with emotions and the grow starts. Trying to play hard and evading if not the full emotions but halving them may damper your emotional knowledge.

Keep in mind the more you are exposed to emotions the more emotional resilient you become.

Don’t run pass by your emotions, comprehend them. Learn when to evade or when to stay and learn from negative emotions. ( I don’t like this feeling so I evade listening music per se).

Emotional immunity

Like a warrior trains physically , there is a warrior in emotional training too.

A feeler is a warrior but from the emotional and mental domain.

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