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Emotional immunity and emotional manipulation

What is emotional immunity?

Emotional intelligence can be used in a prosocial or non-prosocial(Dark triad) behaviour.

Because emotional intelligence is the ability to control and interpret self-emotions and from others it may be used to manipulate others even for “good” (influence).

The trait that regulates harmful or positive and the amount of manipulation is empathy.

After all ,if you are empathetic you see both sides of the coin and understand the acts based on a perceived context.

Emotional manipulation

I believe the less empathy someone have the more inclined to manipulate others,but it’s just a personal opinion.

Emotional resilience helps to develop emotional immunity

With that being said,the more resilient you become the less stress you suffer increasing your well-being and decision making capabilities.

But common sense is a must, is not advised to get ego blinded thinking you may handle everything or act like the holy inquisition with people you deem machiavelic.

Emotional immunity is just a defense layer like the body immune system.It doesn’t give the right to judge anyone.

We are humans after all.

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