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Blogs mentioning certain topics are hard to command.

And i love it.

Transitioning from microblogging to blogging is a big change.

But if your topics are too heterogeneous then things start to get interesting.

Add adult industry in the mix and you are commanding a ship inside a tempest.

Whitout even getting into the ideological sphere.

5k tweets afterwards.

It’s a bit frustrating having to prove things from cero again to a machine,but it’s life.

Therefore i published my feed as a demonstration you can talk and interact online with adult Industry in a safe and healthy way.

Like humans and without explicity.

Even if I’m the only one in this world to see a possitive value on some adult industry interactions I will continue to praise what in my opinion may be acceptable and valuable or not.

But my opinions are based solely on my own perceptions.

And I like to focus more on the possitive side of things without falling into being a people pleaser or a fool.

Respect is a must.

Did you know you can just talk?

It’s not everything dark, neither corrupted.

And I’m not going to judge people without at least knowing their contexts and if there is someone to blame (criticize) will be always the industry.

But don’t forget we users are humans too and may be biased.

So take this as a constructive and uncommon blog,I would love it to be taken as educational.

Even if it’s a such misunderstood topic from an online social approach.

But their marketing makes my opinions look like an unicorn tale….but it’s their industry and I’m an outsider.

So all fine,like in life, if you care about being a people pleaser you will end up alone.

The MindsJournal image

Beyond the worker there is a person,but users may mix fantasy with reality due lack of boundaries.

That’s in most cases users fault, let’s repeat that again…”In most cases“.

There is no secret adult online services are pretty straightforward.

With that being said ,I’m aware I may be trying to use a tool in a way that’s not designed for.

Thats my “fight” , but it’s possible to earn social value in a healthy way.

But the tool requires some adjustments

One of those adjustments is knowing who may respect and understand this vision,afterall is an online interaction.

But for that you must explain,fail, explain again and fail again until you can destile a healthy social interaction.


I feel like an alchemist at times.

I know someday a little spark will ignite and a new niche will be born,let them call it whatever the heck their marketing teams consider is appropriate.

Probabily some shameful name 🤭.

So as you may already figured, the ideological sphere is complex enough.

Trying to play alchemist and on top of that the “pen” depends on an algorithm that may turn things even more difficult.

But Rome wasn’t conquered in a day.

Keep in mind my opinions are based on my experience and may not to be extrapolated.

I’m itching to discuss things in a respectful and constructive way.

Without the pen’s strength there is no weapon.

So let’s go step by step but relentless.

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