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Benefits of conversations in an adult online context

Why not?

Benefits of conversations in an adult online context
Benefits of conversations in an adult online context

Talking to strangers have well documented benefits , but the context is always related to personal and direct interaction.

Online interactions are proper from global a connected world, job, friends and even in some cases family.

Online interactions are valuable and got some characteristics that is not possible to achieve in “real life” iteractions, those perks are unique to online interaction.

Anonymity may enable our dark side or we can became trully ourselves and set up a safe “practice ground” for emotional exploring.

For one , people can learn to express their feelings to a non judgemental stranger in an anonymous way.

You learn about feelings without having to worry about your intimacy, just plug on/off online and thats it.

It’s important to point when im talking about feelings im not talking about relationship love, but there are several types of love besides the relational one.

Mental health benefit in expressing emotions.

Then there are the benefits to talking with strangers:


Chatting with stangers

And i could keep going all day long

So there are benefits related to talking with strangers, some are more obvious than others.

The visual communication for example:

“There seems to be something about staring into another person’s eyes that just cranks things up a notch though.”

There is science behind eye reading and advantages.

But not only that, you can boost your emotional intelligence just by talking with strangers.

“When you ponder who is worth feeling empathy for, friends, family members and children might come to mind. But what about strangers, or people not connected to you through nationality, social status or race?”

And every single benefit comes from conversations with strangers. Besides being a basic social human need there are inherent benefits.

Those are just a few of the benefits, now the conversation.

A good conversionalist is a skilled person. If you are in the trade of social interaction you need formation. It’s not about talking hours and hours with empty meaning, thats chit chat but not a conversation.

A conversation may evolve and chain into several others and you can keep your privacy at all times in an online context and keeping conversation quality.

This article sums up really well how complex a good conversation is.

Without curiosity there is no conversation, it fuels the conversations without that conversations lose purpose and become time wasters.

Conversionalists may know how to talk but they master listening too.

So they are great active listeners

Listening Effectively is a must

People tend to understimate the focus required for a conversation,the skills needed and the benefits.

You don’t need to be a psychologist, you don’t fix mental health issues but you prevent them happening just by proper listening.


In the end, all this leads to empathy as a required skill, empathy is the personality attribute that makes the difference between common and quality conversionalists.

Empathy is the personality skill of context reading and interpretation.

If there is value there is always demand.

There is no a real identificable existing offer in adult online industry in regards to social iteration.

I came to the conclusions:

  • Consumers don’t demand services if they are not aware of the benefits.
  • Can’t search for those services.
  • Worker formation is not optimal for the role.
  • Demotivated pioneer consumers just leave and organic growth is not possible.
  • Adult industry see no demand, so nothing changes.
  • There are no customer communication channels to identify needs or improvements.

Are blue eyes meaningful for a good conversation?

Do physical attributes make a great or bad conversation?

An introvert is not like an extrovert and social online iteracions are human relationships.

Nowadays is a behavioural approach with no room for a cognitive approach.

Actual situation:

If you like identificable physical attributes you get what you paid for, nothing to disagree.

But if you like any of these personal qualities: curious,smart,witty,cheerful… anything thats not physical you can’t find it without investing blindly no guarantees whatsoever.

Is this a good consumer scenario?

How much can endure an introvert meeting new people on a daily/montly basis?

Why not provide some assurance you are hiring a qualified worker for the service as a customer?

When you are hiring a conversionalist you are hiring an specialist and you need to know where,how and why.

Personality is measurable

And IBM have:

Personality Insights.

The IBM Watson Personality Insights service enables applications to derive insights from social media, enterprise data, or other digital communications. The service uses linguistic analytics to infer individuals’ intrinsic personality characteristics, including Big Five, Needs, and Values, from digital communications such as email, text messages, tweets, and forum posts.

An article about Personality insigths,talking more extensively about the tool and possible ethical issues.

It’s all about giving the choice to interact with different personalities and not just compatible ones as an option may be used as emotional intellige training.

If marketing have sucessful behavioural algorithms for ad display, games have elo for matchmaking and many other industries use them why not enable them for real in adult social context?

Behavioural algorithms

And if technically is not yet possible for whatever bussiness reason at least proper formation, make known the benefits(marketing) and enable a way to find that quality service.

As a consumer the way it’s now is not working.

Adult industry provides entertrainment but why not enable it to provide the aforementioned value on top of that?

It could switch the luxury service concept into a need and more socially visible concept or at least provide a niche as an identificable and clear option among the offer.

Like an specialization.

Maybe it will remain the same forever or maybe someday there will be a valid option inside to choose from , a niche.

The more social benefits are applied directly to consumers personal life.

The consumer gains REAL SKILLS to be applied in their daily lives.

At their jobs:

With their family:

Who knows, only time will tell.


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