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Be different.

Think outside the box.

Curiosity and having an open-mind are key to perceive things differently.

Being able to see all the possible outcomes that open from experiences,even if they sound weird first time,but the more open-minded one is,the more opportunities or unconventional solutions you find.

Problem solving at all levels in our daily life become more straightforward and reliable when you get used to turn the tides into your favor, that is,turning a problem or a downside situation into a gain.Having confidence on your skills doesn’t imply to act recklessly.

Everyone knows how to manage previsible situations or try to dodge at all costs unpleasant experiences or feelings.Thats not control,that’s is living in fear.

You are not in control,you are an unconscious prisioner of your own fears and insecurities.

Successful people are precisely that way because they dare to innovate even if there is a price to pay for failure,they perceived the reality different,seen beyond the glass.

“Your assumptions are your windows on the world. Scrub them off every once in a while, or the light won’t come in.”

-Isaac Asimov

Everyone only see the porn from adult industry (even the adult industry don’t have a clue how to be more human and social)

The real value is on interaction on a social context, let’s be real, I’m not telling anyone to consume that or how to consume it.

What i’m writting is my own experience and tangible value I see on the social interaction value .And not many see this so that’s why I decided to write about it, because I don’t like porn or explicitly at all,I don’t even like how many on that industry works(emotional manipulation for one)it’s disgusting.

But the social aspect,even with bad experiences added made me grow as a person even on my work.

As a curiosity, social engineering is one of the worst hacks.

Why train employees to generate strong passwords when they give access by freewill!

See, even on a bad situation you may earn value.But for that you need to be exposed to all kind of things,good ones and not so good ones and adapt.

Sometimes bad things have to happen before good things can.

– Becca Fitzpatrick

So I’m basically being in middle waters, trying to not be judgemental and to explain how I get the value from just daring to think different over a human social interaction context.

Dare to be different and think outside the box.

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