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Adult online industry and society isolation.

Adult online industry may cover a basic social need.

@Mayegemini is an adult online worker

In a society were people is isolated due social success image or plain solitude. There is a natural human need to be heard and understood. Or just plain and simple companionship at 3 am.

Taking into account the increasing number of pets alone may be a pointer on how involuntary solitude spreads in a global connected society.

Pets and solitude research .

Animals are great,but what about other humans?

Not everyone needs a psychologist at 3 am , they just need a conversation and being understood or given company.

Unwanted solitude is an actual curse due society standards and competitive ideals.

Solitude may be temporary too, think of a caretaker who can’t have a normal social life or even someone with mobility issues.

Keep in mind you don’t have to be a freak to be in an asocial situation, life may trap anyone on isolation due unexpected events.

Those without normal social life are left in the cold. They end up isolating themselves from society but there is another tool to account for besides others that already exists and it’s called adult online.

Online is on demand, location doesn’t matter it’s 24h 365 days.

Which industry got the muscle to cover that?

Yes, adult industry.

I’m not talking about fixing or therapy. I’m talking about solitude fight and a valuable asset.

A society who just ignores solitude markers and doesn’t care is not empathetic.

There are people who die alone and their numbers are increasing by the day.

Given the disconnectedness of our world, it’s not surprising that rates of loneliness have increased in recent decades.

This mental health problem has been shown to translate into physical health. A well-known review of research found that loneliness (the feeling of being lonely), social isolation and living alone were risk factors for early mortality, with an increased likelihood of death ranging from 26% to 32%. Some estimates say that loneliness is a greater risk factor for premature mortality than obesity and is comparable to the risk of smoking.

So what tools do we have that can fight this?

Adult industry could train valid workers to satisfy this need or at least make it a role workers may provide from their array of services. But as a valid choice and not as a filler.

Volunteers are great and organizations but the more tools the better.

Social adult online performers may do the job or at least be another valid option.

Actually there are adult online industry workers who like to be social and are not toxic.

Social interaction is not secondary and not everyone is able to perform the rol.

Empathy is just a funny word for many

Besides the rare self taught worker who developed a high emotional intelligence with a prosocial behaviour. These are the ones I call “safe value”.

It’s important to note you don’t have to expose your privacy when talking with a stranger.

And one interesting thing is that prosocial adult online workers act as an hybrid between strangers and online friends. They can act as confidants too.

Unwanted solitude can be fought

So that’s my point of view, adult online industry may be a useful service for dealing with isolation.

But there are dangers and rotten apples like in every social environment.

The first thing to achieve is to explain the benefits and the demand. Then work on adapting the offer.

Because a social profile require:

  • Active listening.
  • Open-mind
  • Non judgemental
  • Empathy
  • Curiosity
  • Kindness

And this skill set is almost non existant in adult industry, at least from a customer point of view or not easy to search for. Your only option is trial and error and that’s too costly and may discourage users trying to find it.

Someday they may consider training those profiles and adapting their social media marketing accordingly.

From all that adult offer there must be room for prosocial behaviours with emotional intelligence.

People used to talk to strangers on a daily basis from different cultures you may end up developing the required emotional intelligence.

Morality is helping others independly of judgement about your tattoos or hair colour.

We are talking about human beings, consumers and workers as a whole.

This is an open-mind exercise and requires patience and understanding.I don’t see adult industry taking seriously a prosocial profile as a valid choice nowadays but time will tell and exceptions are there too.

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