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Adult brand value

-Social Media

Long time since i wrote anything in the blog, i’m more of a micro blogger at twitter.

I noticed there is a complete lack of branding as we “mainstream” understand it.

Streaming sites and studios have cero info about their brands or guidelines,when i say cero is complete abscence of anything a consumer may seek before consuming or purchuasing a product.

It’s a big black box.

Surprise box

Like those surprise boxes you may see in games online.

There is a complete lack of guarantee if your adult streamer is a good listener.

If can sustain any kind of conversation or even if she/he can listen.

As a consumer you may see they earning industry awards left and right but those are totally opaque and generic.

You just don’t know where to find the proper offer.

You have to fly blind.

Social media plays a critical role into giving visibility, every single brand in the world uses it to display

  • Why
  • What
  • Where
  • When
  • How

Why you need this TV?

What are my needs?

Where i can find that model?

When to use one?

How to optimize the display value?

Basic things that makes offer and demand reach the equilibrium point.

When Supply and Demand meet: The interactions of a basic economic model |  The Fresh Economist

Equilibrium point

There is no defined need beyond what’s raw adult entertainment

You may switch studio brands without even knowing it.

There is no info about how to consume the service in a healthy way, there is nowhere to be found a comprensible feature list of the benefits of even that specific brand.

The social media is used as a visual ad and thats it.

You get what you see approach but it leaves everything else out.

In my opinion adult social media advertising is an anomaly and it’s all over the place.

I think the WHAT/WHY part is lacking, then the HOW reach market is another to blame.

But that into the next post.


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